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L-Glutamine 500mg

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Glutamine is the most abundant free amino acid circulating in the blood as well as stored in the skeletal muscles. Glutamine is a diverse amino acid that is utilized in numerous vital functions. It is necessary for rapidly dividing cells, including those of the gut and immune system.

The function of glutamine in supporting glycogen synthase, the enzyme which controls the synthesis and storage of glycogen fuel in muscles and liver, may provide a mechanism by which glutamine supplements promote enhanced fuel stores.


Take 3 - 6 L-Glutamine pills after a workout.


Contains 500mg of L-glutamine.

Glutamine Metabolism

Glutamine is synthesised in the body from glutamate and glutamic acid by the action of glutamine synthetase. The primary site for glutamine synthesis is in skeletal muscle. The lungs, liver and brain are the secondary sites.

Glutamine's key structural feature is that it contains two nitrogen atoms. This enables it to function as a nitrogen shuttle, carrying nitrogen between different organs and tissues.

Glutamine is able to cross the blood-brain barrier, where it is used as an energy source and a precursor for neurotransmitter substances.

Why is Glutamine Important in Sports Nutrition?

Because athletes subject their bodies to high levels of physical (and mental) stress, many nutrients, including glutamine, are required at levels above those of a non-training person. If a sufficient quantity and quality of a nutrient is not obtained in the diet, or is unable to be manufactured by the body at the required rate, depletion occurs. This can contribute to sub-optimal performance and slow recovery times.Supplementation to insure dietary intake is adequate becomes an important consideration.

Glutamine supplementation can be beneficial for athletes for the following reasons:

Support of Immune System

Glutamine supports healthy levels of circulating lymphocytes and macrophages, which can be useful for supporting the body's defences which can become compromised from over-training. Glutamine helps to protect the body from cellular stress and the build up of waste substances that accompany bouts of heavy resistance and endurance training.

Restoration of Protein in Skeletal Muscle

Glutamine restores protein in skeletal muscle by both anabolic and anti-catabolic mechanisms. The anabolic effect supports healthy protein synthesis and the promotion of muscle cell volumisation. Additional glutamine affects nitrogen balance, ensuring it remains positive for optimum muscle protein synthesis.

Cortisol is an adrenal stress hormone that triggers catabolic (tissue breakdown) activity in muscle, whereas the hormone testosterone stimulates anabolic (tissue building) activity. An imbalance of these may lead to decreased performance. Glutamine supports balanced levels of these hormones.

Fuel for Cells in Different Organs of the Body

The GI tract is the primary site of glutamine utilisation. Other organs that use glutamine include the liver, kidneys, brain and immune cells. The provision of supplemental glutamine could assist in providing the requirements of these organs, thus sparing muscle protein.

Glucose Regulation

Glutamine has an integral role in supporting healthy glucose metabolism. After an acute or high intensity training/activity session, muscle and liver glycogen stores become depleted. Glutamine supports balanced glucose production and muscle glycogen storage.



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TAPS Approval No: PP8646

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