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Detox and Cleanse

  • $26.95

    Red Raspberry Leaf 500mg - 100 Capsules Red raspberry is a great agent for cleansing support of the mucous membranes in the alimentary tract.  Long tradition of use as a strengthening tonic for the reproductive system, especially during pregnan... View Details »

  • $28.95

    Dr Christopher's Heavy Mineral Bugleweed & Cilantro Formula A synergistic blend of herbs for detoxification. A lot lately as been said about our exposure to heavy metals in our food on a daily basis. We are exposed to lead, mercury, aluminum, ... View Details »

  • $39.95 $29.95

    Foot Detox Patches New stocks due approximately 2nd week of August Detox Foot Patches NZ detox foot patches are made from all natural plant extracts and are applied to the soles of the feet. Detox Foot patches provide a natural way to support deto... View Details »