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Raintree Nutrition

Raintree Nutrition, Inc., - considered one of the world’s experts on South American rainforest plants - sustainably wild-harvests and exports worldwide over 60 sustainable rainforest plants, resins and oils from the Amazon. Raintree has developed over 60 proprietary rainforest herbal formulas and extracts utilizing these highly effective rainforest medicinal plants. In addition, Raintree is at the forefront in creating new markets and disseminating accurate information, facts, science and research about these wonderful plants of the Amazon.

Due to the closure of Raintree, In2Herbs have sourced the herb and put some selected Raintrees formulas together.  These products are exactly to the specification of Raintree's formulas. The only variance maybe capsule sizes.

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The process of formulating an effective Raintree formula begins with the thousands of years of empirical indigenous knowledge passed down through the generations about the plants and their properties. Then, modern research on the phytochemistry and pharmacological actions and safety is complied and/or performed which, more often than not, validates the time-honored indigenous use of the plant. The plants are then synergistically combined into specific formulations using both modern science and the traditional Indian methods, and thus a new and highly effective Raintree formula is created.

We repeatedly hear from our satisfied customers and health practitioners that, "There is something special about your formulas; their effects are more profound, act more quickly, and are broader in scope than any other products." In part our formulas' success originates simply from the environment in which these rainforest plants grow. The richness and energy of the Amazon biosphere environment is truly unique and dramatically different than anywhere else in the world.

Another piece contributing to our formulas' potency and efficacy is the unique manner of harvesting. Most all Raintree Nutrition botanicals are harvested by the Indigenous Indian tribes of the rainforest, specifically to our order as we need them. These tribes and their shamans are the experts in harvesting and working with these plants and their ever changing life cycles. Because we control the process from the time the plants are growing in the jungle until they are placed into a Raintree labeled product (which oftentimes can be as little as a month in time) we are assured of the quality, freshness and potency of our rainforest ingredients. Finally, is our time honored and natural approach to processing, manufacturing, and formulation. All Raintree formulas provide only whole natural plants that have not been chemically treated or altered in any way. They are already rich in the natural and active plant chemicals naturally occurring in the plants and in the ratios Nature made them to work synergistically together. None of our plants are ever fumigated or irradiated. In manufacturing our capsule formulas, 100 percent natural ground whole plants are delivered without any binders, fillers, excipients or synthetic chemicals added in the process. Our liquid extracts are prepared based on the individual chemistry of the plants and the best natural method to extract the plant without any chemical preservatives or other man-made chemicals. The combination of all of these processes make Raintree’s products so unique that they literally they stand in a class of their own.

Indigenous Knowledge indian1.jpg
Long regarded as hocus-pocus by science, indigenous peoples’ empirical plant knowledge is now thought by many to be the Amazon's new gold. Yet sadly, many seeking to tap this highly profitable natural resource are now rightfully branded and outlawed as “Bio-pirates” in rainforest countries due to their unethical practices. These include the pharmaceutical and biotech companies which learn from the Indians which plants in the shaman’s medicine bag of natural remedies have active properties in their ongoing search to find biologically active plants which will yield new active plant chemicals. They virtually steal this indigenous knowledge and take the discovered plant chemicals back to their laboratories where they synthesize them into patentable and highly profitable billion dollar drugs. In this regard, nothing is given back to the indigenous people for their knowledge and leads in targeting the right plant or to the country and rainforest where the plant originated and was discovered. Yet, this wealth of biologically active rainforest plants IS the true wealth of the rainforest, and the means by which it can be saved - IF approached with the proper motives, methods and ethics.

Sharing the Wealth of Knowledge
Raintree founder and Board Certified Naturopath, Leslie Taylor, spends extensive time with indigenous rainforest Indian tribes, shamans, local healers and rural herbal doctors throughout the Amazon learning and documenting their extensive plant knowledge. Her mission has been to publicize and publish this indigenous knowledge where it can be shared and used by all - even among the indigenous people themselves. More importantly, publishing this type of information legally puts this important knowledge into the public purview so that it cannot be patented or exploited by any single company. If the knowledge is already public knowledge - then it cannot be patented for the sole profits of a few. Ms. Taylor’s published book, Herbal Secrets of the Rainforest, as well as the online Raintree Tropical Plant Database has been used several times in the past and will be used countless times in the future as reason to deny U.S. plant-use patents from being filed on tropical rainforest plants. In this manner, not only is the knowledge freely shared and accessible to all, but profitable global markets are created for these rainforest plants and many others will share in the profits realized in the sustainable harvesting of them.

Creating Solutions for Rainforest Conservation
Raintree Nutrition, Inc. was founded on the principle that sustainable wild-harvesting of rainforest plants provides the best viable and economic alternative to destroying the forest for the income provided by timber harvesting, large scale cultivation programs, subsistence cropping, and other agricultural schemes like cattle operations. Since the forest is being destroyed for the income and profits it yields; if we are truly prepared to preserve our remaining forests we must offer these types of viable economic alternatives which addresses the real problem. Since it’s inception in 1995, Raintree has been a leader in creating a world market for the important sustainable plants of the Amazon Rainforest. Today, millions of acres of government owned, privately held, NGO controlled, and Indian demarcated lands in the Amazon are demonstrating through Raintree’s harvesting programs, that wild-harvesting plants on rainforest land provides greater income and profits to the land owner and country than any other unsustainable land usage. Raintree’s harvesting programs compete successfully and directly with other interests in the rainforest like timber logging and results in higher profits for the land while still preserving its biodiversity instead of destroying it. This IS the economic incentive and encouragement necessary to protect the rainforest for future generations and it IS working to protect rainforest lands today.

From Raintree Nutrition