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Sexual Health


For hundreds of years, human beings have been seeking ways to spice up their sex lives and in the process, used substances called aphrodisiacs.  Herbal exotic substances have become very popular among men and woman to experiment with that can do no harm.

For men when addressing low libido there are two common factors that supplements can work on.  Most dietary supplements tend to work on blood flow while others like Tongkat Ali for example works on the testosterone level.  Increasing testosterone can include many other benefits also.  Organic herbs tend to be a preferred choice over pharmaceuticals as side effects are extremely rear.  It is good to note that most herbal libido supplements do not give instantaneous results and need to be taken regularly to supply nutrients to the body.  A holistic approach is advantageous.

For Women when addressing low libido is a little more complicated as sexual desire is based on many components from intimacy, physical well-being, emotional well-being and hormones.  Herbs can certainly help in all these areas.  Other supplements that may also help are 5-HTP, L-Theanine and HRT

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