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Nature's Way


From developing science-based formulas and utilizing top-quality ingredients to adhering to current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), you can always feel confident about our products.

  • $36.90 $27.90

    Nature's Way Devil's Claw Root 480mg DEVIL'S CLAW ROOT - Herbal support for healthy inflammatory immune responses to tissue stress, especially in joints. - Nature's Way Devil's Claw provides 480mg (per capsule) of Devil's claw, used most commonly... View Details »

  • $29.99 $25.52

    Nature's Way Active Magnesium 1000mg 150 Tablets High dose magnesium for muscles, bones and energy. Nature's Way Active Magnesium combines the power of 4 different forms of magnesium that work synergistically to help absorption... View Details »

  • $38.90 $30.70

    Nature's Way Black Cohosh Standardised Nature's Way Black Cohosh extract, standardised to 2.5% triterpene glycosides, is a herb traditionally used to help relieve menopausal symptoms, especially hot flushing. Black cohosh provides... View Details »

  • $39.90 $31.40

    Nature's Way Blessed Thistle 390mg Nature's Way certified organically grown Blessed Thistle herb is most commonly used nowadays as a tonic to increase breast milk production in lactating mothers.Usage: To support and maintain healthy milk... View Details »

  • $46.90 $37.90

    Nature's Way Blood Sugar - Metabolism Blend To help maintain healthy blood sugar levels.Nature's Way Blood Sugar is a blend of current scientific research and traditional herbal medicine. Contains gymnema standardised extract, the Ayurvedic... View Details »

  • $44.90 $35.50

    Nature's Way Boswellia standardised Herbal support for joint health and comfort - Nature’s Way Boswellia provides gum resin extract of the boswellia tree, standardised to 65% boswellic acids. Boswellia extract has been the focus of much... View Details »

  • $97.70 $74.50

    Nature's Way - Thisilyn Herbal Cleansing Kit Digestive Sweep Specially balanced to cleanse the bowel, the Herbal Digestive Sweep formula in this program contains Cascara sagrada bark.* How it works. Cascara sagrada helps stimulate muscles in... View Details »

  • $97.70 $74.50

    Nature's Way - Thisilyn Herbal Cleansing Kit Digestive Sweep Thisilyn® Cleanse (Mineral) This is a 3 part formula with mineral digestive sweep contains Magnesium hydroxide which encourages elimination by drawing water into the intestine,... View Details »

  • $34.90 $27.50

    Nature's Way Fennel Seed 480mg Fennel seeds have a licorice-like taste and are offered at the end of a meal in Asia and South America to sweeten breath and aid digestion. Fennel is a perennial Chinese herb of the carrot family. Its aromatic... View Details »

  • $43.90 $33.90

    Nature's Way Garlicin - Cardio with MAX Allicin 90's SmartRelease® Garlic Using a proprietary enteric-coating, Garlicin tablets are protected from stomach acid. Once in the intestinal fluid, Garlicin tablets completely disintegrate in... View Details »

  • $33.90 $26.70

    Nature's Way Gotu Kola Herb 475mg Highly prized general and rejuvenating tonic -Gotu kola is valued so highly in Ayurveda (traditional Indian herbal medicine) that reams have been written about it with emphasis on the fact that it cannot be... View Details »

  • $47.90 $37.90

    Nature's Way Hawthorn Standardised Excellent heart tonic herbNature's Way standardised Hawthorn leaf is a scientifically and technically advanced herbal extract standardised to 1.8-2.2% vitexin supported by the addition of extra whole berry... View Details »

  • $33.90 $27.50

    Nature's Way Kelp 660mg Sea harvested and high in minerals especially iodine for support of thyroid function - Kelp is a nutritional seaweed. This species of kelp grows in coastal ocean waters from 1 to 10 feet deep with the tide.   Nature's... View Details »

  • $53.90 $42.50

    Nature's Way Lactase Enzyme 690mg To aid digestion of dairy foods (lactose)Nature's Way Lactase Enzyme is a carefully prepared enzyme active formula of lactase enzymes.Usage: Lactase Enzymes is a dietary supplement which supports the digestion of ... View Details »

  • $49.90 $39.90

    Nature's Way Milk Thistle Standardised Superb herb for the support of liver protection, cleansing and regenerationNature's Way standardised Milk Thistle is a scientifically and technically advanced herbal extract standardised to 80% silymarin... View Details »

  • $75.90 $53.90

    Nature's Way Primadophilus Optima 30's The ultimate probiotic - 14 strains, 35 billion organisms, enteric coated, live probiotic. A True Potency formula for all ages. - Nature's Way Primadophilus Optima is the highest potency probiotic product in... View Details »

  • $54.90 $39.90

    Nature's Way Primadophilus Original 90 Capsules Broad spectrum probiotic for over 12 year olds (with or after antibiotics, thrush, intestinal conditions)Nature's Way Primadophilus Original is an enteric coated, high potency probiotic ... View Details »

  • $36.90 $26.90

    Nature's Way Primadophilus Reuteri 30's Nature's Way Primadophilus Reuteri is a quick acting, broad-spectrum probiotic for 5 years and over. Nature's Way top-selling probiotic brand Primadophilus is blended with clinically... View Details »

  • $36.90 $28.95

    Nature's Way Slippery Elm Bark 400mg Soothing to intestinal mucous membranes - Slippery Elm bark was used both internally and externally by Native Americans and early pioneer settlers. Nature's Way Slippery Elm provides 1600mg per serve of... View Details »

  • $29.40

    Nature's Way SystemWell Ultimate Immunity 45 Tablets 90 Tablet size available here Nature's Way SystemWell is a multi-system defense formula for seven essential aspects of healthy... View Details »

  • $34.90

    Nature's Way SystemWell Ultimate Immunity 90 Tablets Smaller 45 Tablet qty available here Nature's Way SystemWell is a multi-system defense formula for seven essential aspects of healthy... View Details »

  • $34.90 $27.50

    Nature's Way Vitex Fruit 400mg Vitex (also known as Chaste tree) is a popular woman's dietary supplement traditionally used for menstrual difficulties. Vitex has been heavily researched in Europe and is widely used to promote overall health... View Details »