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Alpha Omega Labs

Welcome to Alpha Omega Labs -- a private company devoted to exploring the best techniques and products in the herbal and nutritional health care movement. Alpha Omega Labs operated continuously from 1991 to the founding of its web site in August, 1995 to its temporary closure on September 17, 2003. It reopened its office in Guayaquil, Ecuador in early 2008 and its order center on May 31, 2008.

We are herbalists, chemists, and manufacturers of herbal concentrates, ointments, encapsulated, tabletted, and liquid extract formulas -- as well as researchers, which includes "bioenergetics," including the application of various electromagnetic and scalar wave technology. About half the products you see on this site are made, in whole or in part, in our laboratories; the remainder are third-party products that meet our criteria.

  • $49.95 $46.95

    Amazon Bloodroot Capsules 500mg - 100 Capsules Used primarily as a support tool for Cansema (Amazon) Tonic III, Amazon Blood Root Capsules also known as Cansema® Bloodroot Capsules are a potent blend of three herbs: Chaparral (Larrea... View Details »

  • $39.95 $32.95

    Bloodroot Paste (Sanguinaria canadensis) Bloodroot is a North American native perennial herb and can be found growing in shaded, moist, rich woodlands from Quebec south to Florida and west to Kansas. Bloodroot grows to about 6 to 7 inches tall... View Details »

  • $94.95 $84.95

    Amazon Tonic 3 - Also known as Cansema® Tonic III *Waiting on Medsafe approval for this product before it is available again.  If you would like updates please contact us Cansema has been the calling card of Alpha Omega... View Details »

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