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PPC Herbs



  • $52.95 $48.95

    Canda-Plex PPC Herbs offers Canda Plex as a traditionally used herbal medicine to support healthy yeast balance. It can also be taken to relieve bloating and gas and to support the maintenanace of healthy digestive function. Ingredients Each... View Details »

  • $164.80 $134.95

    Full Body Detoxification Programme This is a full body cleansing routine that can take place twice a year to cleanse the digestive tract. If the body has to waste its vital force fighting against intestinal disturbance then the body does not have... View Details »

  • $49.95 $44.95

    Herbal Fluid Plex - Kidney Detox Helps to gently detox the kidneys. A gentle formula that supports fluid balance. Formulation and ingredients are TGA approved Safe for adults and children aged 3 years and upwards In covvenient liquid form for... View Details »

  • $49.95 $46.95

    Herbal Joint-Plex 200ml PPC Herbs offers Joint Plex as a traditionally used herbal medicine which supports joint comfort and mobility. Ingredients  Each 5ml contains extract liquid equivalent to dry: Turmeric root, Curcuma longa... View Details »

  • $49.95 $44.95

    Herbal Liver Plex - Liver Tonic A liver tonic that supports the liver and helps maintain a healthy digestive fuction. Once the kidneys have been cleansed the liver should now also receive the same attention. This is important to assure maximum... View Details »

  • $49.95 $46.95

    Herbal Sinus Plex PPC Herbs offers Sinus Plex as a traditionally used herbal medicine to nutritionally support the upper respiratatory tract for chills and allergens. Ingredients Each 5ml contains extract liquid equivalent to: ... View Details »

  • $64.90 $49.90

    Herbal Tri Plex - Parasite Protection Three powerful herbs which supports the elimination of parasites - harmful organisms that can enter your body, multiply, and steal valuable nutrients. Contains powerful Australian grown organic herbal... View Details »