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Over the last few years our company has expand into Australia and the United Kingdom.  We love and believe in our products so much we wanted to expand our vision to see our products be made more accessable across the globe.

in2herbs.co.nz has been around since 1999.  Because the website is considered old technology in todays standards, we have created a new website that supersedes in2herbs and offers a new platform for reward programs etc to offer our customers.

We are excited to bring you Goherbal.co.nz

We have also expanded parts of our popular range to better serve our customers in Australia.  Goherbal.com.au

For our European customers you can now make your purchase from our UK store.  in2herbs.co.uk

Our in2herbs brand of unique Amazon products is currently being re launched and brand is now called HerbalTech.  The official site can be found here for more information.

One of products that has got us very excited and received much attention is HerbalTech "Tongkat".  This product supports healthy testosterone and is fast becoming a must have for men and woman over the age of 40 that need that extra boost and support with energy levels, weight management and libido.  Tongkat has now expand into Australia, UK, Canada, France and Japan.  For more information on this product visit our official Tongkat Website.  Tongkat.co.nz.















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