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Preparation Methods of Herbal Remedies

In indigenous Indian medicine systems, medicine men or shamans generally use the following methods when preparing herbal remedies.

  • Infusions (hot teas)
  • Decoctions (boiled teas)
  • Tinctures (alcohol and water extracts)
  • Macerations (cold-soaking)
  • Smoothies

Here in the modern world using herbs combined with other nutritional fruit and vegetables into a smoothie is a very popular, delicious and effective method for general well being.

  • $59.90 $49.90

    Cat's Claw Powder - Inner Vine Bark (Uncaria tomentosa) 455g This amazing rainforest vine has become quite popular in the U.S. for it's patented ability to support immune function. Some of the active ingredients documented and researched in Cat's... View Details »

  • $59.90 $49.90

    Chanca Piedra Powder (Phyllanthus niruri) - 1lb (453g) Supports healthy kidney function and fluid balance. Supports urinary function and gall bladder health and healthy liver function. Chanca Piedra Traditional Uses To aid in tone, balance,... View Details »

  • $79.90 $59.90

    Pure Maca powder 1lb/453g Organic Maca from "Maca Magic" (Herbs America) is an excellent source of this Peruvian “superfood” which is rich in amino acids, complex carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, fibre, vitamins and... View Details »

  • $23.95 $19.95

    Paw Paw (Papaya) Herbal Infusion The terms Paw Paw and Papaya are used interchangeably; when we speak about the Pawpaw or Papaya that we use for medicinal purposes, we are referring to Carica Papaya not the Paw Paw tree (Asimina) which is... View Details »

  • $25.95 $21.95

    Graviola Herbal Tea - 100% pure & fresh Graviola dried cut leaves straight from the living tree Graviola has a long history of use by Indigenous people of the Amazon Basin who use all parts of the Graviola tree -the bark, leaves, roots,... View Details »

  • $59.90 $49.90

    Graviola Powder (1lb/455g) - Leaf and Stems The Graviola tree grows deep within the Amazon rainforest in South America.  Different research groups have indicated dramatic benefits of graviola which have propelled this Amazon plant into... View Details »