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Body Building

For some time using herbs for fitness were considered obsolete pushed aside in favor of synthetics. Most people don't realise that half of the drugs used today are artificial recreations of natural plant derived chemicals.

Herbal formulated products will help you support your normal muscle strength and bulk are gaining popularity.

  • $24.95

    CaffeineX: A Natural Caffeine energy booster 500mg • Supports mental alertness and wakefulness when experiencing fatigue or drowsiness • Provides the energising effects of caffeine without added sugar or calories or compromising your... View Details »

  • $39.95

    Hardman - Tongkat Ali 1:100 Hardman is a natural herbal formula that is made from one of the most potent libido supporting herbs known to mankind, Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia Jack).  There had been a vast amount of research that had... View Details »

  • $49.95 $36.95

    MuscleMax Xtreme MuscleMax Xtreme is an amazing natural herbal formulation that will help you support your normal muscle strength and bulk. Add herbal MuscleMax Xtreme to your daily routine, and your efforts will produce extreme results and optimum... View Details »

  • $69.99 $59.99

        Tongkat Ali 1:200 is one of the most expensive herbals around, for a good reason. Tongkat ali roots take some 20 years to reach a stage of full potency.  It takes 200 Kg of pure Tongkat Ali roots to... View Details »