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  • $59.95 $44.95

    Horny Goat Weed - libido enhancer for men and women (60 Capsules) Horny goat weed is a well known, powerful libido supporter for both sexes, a time-tested libido supporting herb for men and women, and supports healthy erectile function in ... View Details »

  • $49.00

    Stallion XL - Known as one of the worlds most effective libido supporters This super strength formulation made from only natural sources.  Stallion XL is a 100% natural solution. Support for normal eretile dysfunction and your sexual ... View Details »

  • $49.95

    Acai Berry Capsules A World #1 Superfood in a capsule.  From the Amazon comes this unique super berry, a powerful antioxidant known as one of the world's most beneficial superfood.  Acai berries have t... View Details »

  • $59.95 $49.95

    Bed Hero Cologne (pheromones) - 50ml Spray Bed Hero Cologne contains a scientifically engineered human sex pheromone (androstenone) that can have effects on attracting the opposite sex. Pheromones are natural occuring chemicals which can&... View Details »

  • $59.95 $49.95

    Bed Hero Perfume (Pheromones) - 50ml Spray This potent blend of pheromones will detect males from meters away. Your energy will change giving you a youthful and very sexual aura which will encourage people to treat... View Details »

  • $69.95 $49.95

    Spermomax - Sperm Volume Support "As Seen on TV Product"  Market tried and tested - An all natural herbal formula that can support your body’s natural sperm volume and overall sexual performance.  Your stamina and overall sexual he... View Details »